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Getting it right first time round

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We develop custom-built applications that solve critical business needs. Automating legacy technology and removing manual processes in people-intensive tasks typically yields the highest ROIs, whether in small-to-medium businesses or multinational enterprises.

We’re talking common sense digital transformation here.

But it isn’t just about building a new application. True success lies in understanding the business strategy and goals. Our business intelligence services walk clients through crucial steps like defining the business requirements, building recommendations and assessing realistic returns on investment…before the design phase begins. Why? Because building an application strategy leads to building the right application first time round.


custom-built application services

Making standard business processes outstanding

  • Step 1: Business Intelligence Strategy and Planning

    Business managers often struggle when developing successful cases for modernizing application portfolios. Coactive supports you with building the scope, structure, cost and ROI for every project.

    - Business-led analysis of the current status quo
    - Identify business critical applications/processes for modernization
    - Create a business case reflecting resources and budget
    - Advise on a continuous modernization program

  • Step 2: UX Design, Develop & Collaborate

    Successful business applications that improve operational efficiency need users who can self-serve their requirements. This means each application must adopt a deep understanding of user bevhaviour, needs and desires.

    - Explore user flow and mapping
    - Wireframing with logical structure, links and user behavior.
    - Implement tried and tested design principles
    - Introduce content, navigation, logos, search, footnotes etc.

  • Step 3: Quality Approval

    Software testing is an integral part of software quality. During this phase, we adopt SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle. SDLC is a process for developing an application with proper research, planning, execution and maintenance.

    - Basic functionality testing
    - Code review
    - Static code analysis
    - Unit testing
    - User performance testing

  • Step 4: Security

    Increased cyber threats put constant pressure on companies and governments. It is vital your business applications are completely secure. Secure development is a practice to ensure that the code and processes that go into developing applications are as secure as possible.

    - Integrating security practices into the software development lifecycle
    - Mitigating risk from internal and external sources
    - Adopting testing tools and services
    - Complying with ISO regulations and industry standards like HIPAA, HITECH, and 21 CFR Part 11

  • Ongoing Support

    We won’t leave you stranded all alone! When you launch and scale your app, you can do it either within your own infrastructure or you can opt for hosting services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. Furthermore, we have a robust API architecture that lets you integrate other systems into your app with virtually all systems that have APIs. Google Maps, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, Tableau, just to name a few.

    - Ongoing maintenance services
    - Timely support, compliant upgrades
    - Prompt issue resolutions
    - Maintain communication

Case Studies from our Happy Customers

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