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Q. What makes Coactive different from any other app developer? 

A. IRAD: Interactive Rapid Application Development. Coactive’s unique application development platform uses IRAD and means we deliver initial app frameworks to clients within hours. This fast-paced development process and live interaction with the business and end-user means you cut your app development expenditure by up to 90%. Furthermore, maintaining business applications through IRAD has never been easier, there is no costly downtime as changes and upgrades are instantaneous. 

Q. What about my existing IT systems and infrastructure?

A. Technology is extremely fast-paced. Current applications can become a legacy within 2 years. These legacies can quickly become a barrier to innovation and growth within your business. Coactive are experts at overcoming these challenges to deliver IT infrastructure and modernized applications that keep your business agile and on par with changing markets. It isn’t only about fully replacing what you have. Instead, we focus on delivering end-to-end upgrading, modernization and, where needed, brand new innovations. 

We are passionate about making sure our clients are resilient and can adapt to whatever their markets throw at them. We offer full client API and robust API integrations to legacy enterprise systems. Our team of business analysts and engineers follow a business-first approach; we craft your software application solution to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT assets. Welcome to fully agile business application development.  

Q. With a shrinking IT budget and ever-increasing IT innovation demands on my business, what should I be focussing on?

A. That’s simple. You need a partner that focuses on delivering a flexible, scalable, and transparent solution. You need a partner that builds you a solution with dependable performance and proven track results. Coactive takes care of this so that you can get back to focusing on growing your business.  

We don’t off-shore our business and yet we remain cost competitive. How? IRAD. Our Interactive Rapid Application Development platform means your application is always in our expert but efficient hands. You will have access to a dedicated team of engineers, designers and developers all available to answer your questions. We trust in transparency because you do too. You’ll be surprised how far your shrinking IT budget can go with Coactive thanks to IRAD.

Q. What about security and compliance?

A. Coactive protects your business. Our platform employs industry standard security via an out-of-the-box solution. Developers can easily define custom application-level security to meet your specific roles and responsibilities profiles. We evolved from regulated industries and have the tools and technical backing to be the basis to your compliant application needs. We service customers who are HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Q. I want to know more about the technical functionality of your development platform.

A. Sure! Why not schedule a demo so we can show you first hand? For now, here is an overview of some tech details:

  • The application-Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) extends full-stack development tools to all developers

  • Develop once, then deploy on both desktop and mobile

  • Reduced development, testing, and debug times 

  • Increased stakeholder satisfaction through increased agile collaboration

  • Full developer control as needed:

  • Full JavaScript extensibility

  • Build reusable components

  • Build robust APIs and integrations to enterprise systems

  • UX control

  • Powerful security features and SSO

  • Simplified data management

  • Quickly reduce backlog - get more done with the resources you have

  • Efficient development workflow - no compiling, no context switching, no reloading - fix what you need to mid-stream  

  • In-app collaboration enhances developer communication

  • Use built-in tagging and packaging and full audit capabilities to better manage revision control

  • Create simple or highly complex applications - all much quicker and easier to support than traditional development

  • Incredibly scalable, right out of the box

  • Interactively collaborate with stakeholders in real time

  • Seamlessly integrate your application with multiple systems to create efficient workflows