Simplified, Centralized & Automated Commissioning For Data Centers

We make complicated processes simple. Our state-of-the-art, fully customized data center commissioning software lets you track everything from workflows to issues, tasks and data all in one central cloud-based application.


Ditch the spreadsheets and disparate systems

Right from the pre-design phase through to construction and ongoing maintenance, our customized data center application allows you to monitor and track all project tasks in a single application.

  • Centralized data collecting, storing and analyzing

  • Faster issue resolution logging, tracking and resolving

  • Real-time documentation tracking, reviewing and approval workflows

  • Increased control and accuracy on forecasting

  • Decreased overall project risks and blockages



Real data, real-time

Track all the most important metrics and milestones for your data center project with automated daily reports and intuitive dashboards.

  • Accurate tracking of all equipment to be commissioned

  • Immediate overviews of current commissioning status

  • Access to historical data (e.g., dates of last update, name of test engineer…)

  • Forecast project or equipment delay expectations

  • Testing status – completion percentage, the status of documentation…



Tried and tested technology combined with full customization

We combine tried and tested technology with the option to customize each application fully.

Our customers get exactly what their business needs: an application that works and allows them to improve their services and grow their business.



  • 60-90 minutes time savings per daily report
  • 75% fewer post-delivery rework issues
  • More than 6 x faster delivery of daily reports to end-client
  • Up to 75% more accurate real-time equipment tracking

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