5 Reasons to buy a customized business application rather than off-the-shelf

Exitus: Issue and Project tracking application

You know your business needs to digitally transform. Business applications make companies like yours more efficient, more competitive and more attractive to customers. Unfortunately, this is not a very easy process for businesses to go through. You are not alone in your struggles in finding applications that overcome delays in business workflows and project deliveries caused by out of date processes or technology solutions.

The temptation is to solve the problem with an off-the-shelf solution. But with all the different options out there, purchasing a software solution can be a confusing. It can also be extremely costly if you choose the wrong system. The risk here is that the wrong solution can have an adverse impact on the performance of your business.

While off-the-shelf software has a reputation for being cheaper than a customized solution, in fact, the opposite is now true. As we already mentioned, making the wrong decision can not only mean the initial cost and ROI of the software is redundant, but the negative impact on the business can be even higher.

Pre-configured systems can often be implemented straight away, so businesses looking for a quick fix are often tempted. However, it’s vital to understand that it’s highly unlikely you will ever find an off-the-shelf solution that has all of the features and functionality your business needs, in the exact way that you need. Furthermore, changing the system is usually impossible or very expensive at least.

So, how much does it cost to build a customized application?

There are a lot of ways to get an app developed; off-shore teams, established app companies or freelance developers. The cost depends on the route you take…

While digital transformation may not be cheap, the impact that it has on a business is fundamental. Customized applications are becoming more and more accessible to the masses. But it is important to understand how the costs of building a customized business application are built up. There are many factors to consider like scope, support, maintenance, features, integration and more.

All your app wishes in one customized place

Creating a custom app, like those developed by Coactive, using low-code no-code ensures a personalized and highly satisfactory user experience. Developers are choosing customized apps because not only do they reduce development time, they are agile, flexible and secure.

Why do business managers use customized apps? It helps cut costs and drive efficiencies in their business. Plus, nothing is “lost in translation” because the business manager and the developer use the same language, making them all on speaking terms to create apps that meet all the requirements needed.

For CIOs, a fully integrated all-in-one platform enables them to have an entirely holistic view of how their business is on track with business goals and insights. This means planning and control of business IT resources can be allocated to solve other pressing IT issues.

CTOs that need to manage enterprise systems in order to sustain its technology requirements throughout their digital transformations are key concerns. SSO and simplified data management are also critical concerns. And then the everyday issues of how to scale the team and how to scale a project. And metrics, all the metrics.

When you need speed, customization now takes hours not weeks (or months.) And is affordable.

5 benefits of using a custom app for your business

Customization offers exactly what you need – no unnecessary bells and whistles. You get what you need. Full stop.

With agile solutions you can quickly launch apps that work across multiple platforms and devices and easily adapt to business changes.

1-    Security is a no-brainer. Developers can easily define custom application-level security to meet your specific role and responsibility profiles. Apps are safe and secure while staying within compliance parameters with HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11.

2-    Doesn’t go out of date – finally it’s a scalable solution that grows with the business. As business needs change, the apps can be revised and updated without costly downtime or negative impact on the business.

3-    Offers a competitive advantage Competitors don’t have the bespoke app so their data may not be as reliable. Customization bridges the gap between business needs and technical functionality to deliver better apps faster, as well as make it easier to control update costs. This means you stay ahead of your competition.

4-    Easier staff onboarding Custom solutions are more easily integrated into a business because they have been built to support current workflows and integrate with any current (legacy) systems. Off the shelf means businesses often have to mold around the app, instead of the app molding to business needs, which implies having to change their business processes in order to use the technology! This is a costly risk when choosing off the shelf solutions.

5-    And finally, they are revenue generating.

For small businesses, the focus is always to increase their profits & revenues. Custom apps help to increase sales because of higher visibility and easier order processes. This leads to better customer experiences which means happier customers. SMBs can also better organize data leading to actionable insights & better overall business strategy.

For medium & large businesses, attaining efficiency in their core processes and having super engaged employees increases productivity of employees. Custom apps also boast big data opportunities, reduced paperwork, optimizes business processes, and improves overall communication.