about us

The people behind the tech


our philosophy


We believe successful applications need a solid foundation. That foundation isn’t found in the tech solution alone. It’s also about the people behind the tech solutions. Who you are working with is just as important as what you are working with. We put customer service at the core of every conversation, interaction, tech solution, delivery and post-delivery aftercare. We believe true working partnerships are formed on this basis and we can serve our customers best when we know, or can even predict, what they need.



We are no-nonsense. We believe in creative thinking to problem-solving. Our core focus is your success and ensuring we provide you the best customer-service experience possible.


We create simple or highly complex applications that are quicker and easier to support than traditional development. We believe strongly in matching clients needs to customized solutions when possible.


We repurpose tried-and-tested solutions, adopt standard components, and think ahead for you. Minimal investment, maximum impact.

Our Team

Todd Clark

Head of Operations Development
Dave Schleppenbach

Catherine Ward

Paul Weiss

Christina Ojeda