How Coactive converted an HR onboarding/offboarding roster into an instant access application

Client: A global partner for professional services


The Client

The client is a global partner for professional services. They enhance operational performance and reliability by delivering added value to businesses that need to manage complex, mission-critical, high-risk or highprofile projects. They’ve allowed us to share their story on the condition of anonymity. Client names have been changed.

“We had real issues and challenges that were going on and needed a solution that wasn’t just out-of-the-box but customizable to our specific requirements. We offer a unique service that needed an application we couldn’t find anywhere else.”


The Challenge

An outdated roster system

When new hires joined the company, they were added to an employee roster as their onboarding process. The roster, created on a spreadsheet, contained simple employee training information and qualifications needed for placement, as well as details about skill sets and location.

“With multiple systems, multiple groups of people had to be notified of status updates. It was just taking a long time and wasn’t the most efficient onboarding process.”

With nearly 500 employees globally, HR’s onboarding process meant constantly updating the roster when employees completed training and qualifications and were ready for placement on projects.

Four different groups within the organization had to be notified once a new hire was onboarded. Multiple emails had to be sent that communicated each employee status update within these multiple groups.

Communication between groups was slow and inefficient because of back-and-forth emails. Managers needed regular qualification updates in order to begin placing employees on projects.

“If managers were at a client’s site or didn’t have access to a desktop, they had to wait until they were somewhere they could respond to emails. Meetings and travel schedules played into that, feeding into that gap.”

When an employee resigned, was terminated or retired, the offboarding process was similar.


“We wanted a place for the roster to live and for people to have access to that. The Coactive app made it user-friendly which is beneficial to everyone in the company.”

– Amanda A., HR Director


The Solution

Creating a seamless application

Onboarding and offboarding needs to be seamless, whether it’s new hires coming into the company or employees retiring or transitioning out of the company.

Working with Coactive to create this app meant automating and outdated system with real-time capabilities.

The goal is to have a place for their roster of employees to live, as well as all the other information such as background checks, training notifications and qualifications updates.

“When someone has been recruited and then onboarded, I get notified when someone has been accepted. From there I start going through more of our onboarding piece, such as background checks.”

Having created specific triggers during app development, once onboarding is complete, information is immediately sent to key people based on different features, tags and functions the employee fulfils. This makes communication easier and has been a key component in speed and efficiency.

Notifications and next steps to be performed are sent to the training department and managers so they can take their action. Once the actions are complete, employees are placed into the time and attendance and a proposal system. No more waiting to check emails since notifications are accessible by any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

“Reporting and notifications are big features. I’m mainly on my desktop, but now instead of managers waiting until they get on a computer to check their emails, because they’re in the field or conducting tests at a client site, they now get real-time notifications right on their phone or tablet.”

If a change or function needs to be added to the app to increase performance, they can sit down with their Coactive team to create an update or insert new features and functions.

“They can actually make it for us by tweaking and adding to what we already have.”


The ResultS

Instant access to onboarding and offboarding

“It makes everything a lot more efficient.”

Instead of HR emailing candidate status updates back and forth, managers can use tags, department labels and qualification type to search candidates. They know instantly if the employee is ready for project placement.

HR now has stats like headcount and retention, as well as reporting capabilities they need by region and by continent.

“I want to be able to see, at any given day, where our headcount is for different areas. I want to be able to toggle backwards to a specific date and see how many people we had.”

The app has given HR the needed details for onboarding, offboarding and retention that they didn’t have using their previous roster spreadsheet. They can also see information on retirements and terminations. With exiting data, it gives them greater insights into why people leave.

With real-time information at their fingertips, HR can work with multiple departments simultaneously to update managers on new hire status and project placement.