Improving citizen safety and City Government response times

Client: Hallandale Beach


The Client

Hallandale Beach is a full-service city that provides various services including Police, Fire, Parks, Public Works, Code Enforcement, Building and Planning Services. These services are overseen and organized by the Hallandale Beach City Government.

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The Challenge

Managing and overseeing a complex matrix of various departments that serve multiple needs and areas for a city like Hallandale Beach is extremely challenging. Up-to-date and fully functioning IT software applications is the only way to ensure that decision makers have their hands on the right data at the right time. Up until Coactive became a partner for the City, they were using outdated software applications that were not functioning, nor delivering to the City’s tough requirements. There was limited functionality and poor UX to boot. Whilst Hallandale Beach is a small city, it’s needs are just as demanding as larger cities in terms of managing multiple services for thousands of people across the city.


Up-to-date and fully functioning IT software applications is the only way to ensure that decision makers have their hands on the right data at the right time.


The Solution

Firstly, we licensed the Coactive platform to the city. Whilst Hallandale Beach has in-house developers, Coactive also provided support to onboard their developers to the Coactive platform.

Secondly, we built an app together with Hallandale Beach developers. The purpose of this app was for citizens to be able to submit city-related issues (like faulty traffic lights, sidewalk damage etc.) to the City Council. Employees at City Council could then review the issue and delegate it to the right department to fix. The app tracked these problems from submission through to resolution.

Thirdly, an additional app was built and now maintained in-house by Hallandale Beach City Government developers. This app served as an Alarm Management System. City ordinances state that if Hallandale Beach citizens own an alarm for their home or business, then it must be registered with the city. Now, every time an alarm goes off, it is tracked by the city. The app not only creates an incident report log, but it also alerts the city of when the registration needs to be renewed.


The ResultS

Hallandale Beach, like all City Governments across the United States, must rise to the challenge of digitally transforming themselves to become data-driven teams that can feed all their results upwards. This data underpins budget decisions and other resource allocations among many other objectives. Using apps like the ones that Coactive developed, meant that they were contributing to addressing the needs of a digital economy, they were ensuring that their responsiveness to citizen issues was faster and ultimately, they had a better overview of the areas where they provide valuable services. Coactive delivered the framework for the first app on day one. In-house developers continue to build and tweak the applications, further improving their digital transformation and added-value to the Hallandale Beach citizens