How Coactive helped an engineering consulting firm create an app that systemizes 467 global employee resume profiles

Client: An engineering consulting firm


The Client

The client is an engineering firm that designs, delivers, operates and maintains quality-critical manufacturing (GMP related) and mission-critical facilities. With close to 500 employees worldwide, their engineering, technical and consulting services encompass all aspects of operation: equipment, automation, process, and human performance.

They’ve allowed us to share their story on the condition of anonymity. Client names have been changed.

“I wanted something that was organized and timely. Nine times out of ten, my time is spent on creating, transferring and converting resource resumes into a newer style within the word template. Every time we changed the template we had to go back and literally reformat almost 470 resumes.”


The Challenge

Resource management was a chaotic, never-ending task.

Selecting just the right people for mission-critical projects isn’t easy. It requires selecting resources with specific skill sets and qualifications then placing them in the appropriate client projects.

Jennifer and Leah were responsible for tracking resources for upcoming project proposals. Since personnel resourcing is one of the last requirements filled for a project, it’s important that they have the most updated resumes to send to clients.

“Each proposal that we put out requires a different skill set from the team. Every time we need to change or update information, people could end up having multiple resumes for a single person.”

It was chaotic and seemed to be a never-ending task. They tracked, maintained and updated resumes using a word template, spreadsheets and a skills matrix in excel. They would communicate back and forth through email and Sharepoint but never really knew if the resume was the latest version that needed to be used for a project.

“This system was cumbersome. Locating a resource’s resume meant either scrolling all the way through the list of almost 500 employees or pray that the search bar would get the result you wanted.”

They wanted to merge their resume building with their skills matrix, but other than using formats, similar to Linkedin or Indeed, they just couldn’t find a solution that kept information up to date, accurate and accessible on-demand.

“I needed to be able to navigate the data that I wanted for projects and proposals. Nobody wants to read a 10-page resume so being able to really hone-in on and pinpoint the skill sets for projects was important to that client.”

That’s when Coactive was introduced.


"I don’t think there’s anything like this on the market. This pulls all our project specific resources for a certain discipline."

– Jennifer C., Executive Director Strategic Development


The Solution

Pooling resources, skill sets and capabilities

Resource information is distributed to clients to indicate who will be on their site during the duration of the project. It needs to be streamlined, technically focused, with no fluff. The technical skills need to be defined in detail including the qualifications, expertise, project experience, sites worked on, and the length of each project.

“We began discussing a platform where we could create a one-stop shop.”

They wanted easy functionality so employees could go into their profile, fill out their personal information: their bio, their qualifications and skills, and their client experience. Once information is uploaded those people could be searched using defined tags and found easily.

“You can just search a specific skill with tags. All the people with the specific tag show in the results, then the information filled out in their profile can be exported as their resume.”


The ResultS

From 100 touchpoints down to 6

The Coactive developers wanted to give them an app that gave the results they needed. It took some discussion, testing and adjustments such as syncing information to create an export function for the staff.

“We want it to look nice, really clean and professional, not just black text on a white page with 20 million bullet points.”

The developers were also very quick to help with changes and updates. Even if it was something as simple as justifying the logo to the right instead of the center or adding people’s headshots with the correct sizing and clarity.

“I use it daily. It goes well beyond what the skills matrix ever could. I search for any employee and it pulls up their information; what region they’re in, their phone number, or their job title and other simple things for marketing. With the functionality of resume exporting, I don’t have to worry about Sharepoint lagging or taking 30 minutes to find three resumes. I just type in a name, click a button, click export, boom. I immediately get it.”

They have customizable functionality for the resumes. If a client specifically indicates they want a one-page bio, they can check off the sections in the profile that are most important and have a customized one page.

What used to take over one hundred touch points across 3 different templates and platforms, plus the back and forth between spreadsheet tabs and clicks, is now down to one platform and six touch points.

“Things take me a quarter of the time that they used to before this app. I know it’s fast. It’s so easy to find people and even easier to export the information I need for projects and proposals. The biggest impact is reducing the labor that I have to put in, whether that is searching for the resume, or the labor to update and convert a resume. I mean it’s just excellent. Faster.”

It was laborious to have to go through and touch every single resource’s information and update their resume; clicking back and forth between tabs in three different platforms.

This is a one-stop location for everything. The search takes seconds and displays the information all in one place. Instead of back and forth emails, the information is seen in real-time, by everyone, on the app.

“I went from a place where I was 50% sure that the data I was getting was accurate, then I had to spend more time to validate that data. Now I know 100% that everything that I get from this app is accurate.”